Reporting a bug

You can report a bug on the issue list on google code.

Retrieving the latest code

You can check the latest sources with the command:

hg clone

If you want to use the development version, you have to update the repository to the developing branch with the command:

hg update dev

Contributing code

Contact us on the deap users list at

Coding guidelines

Most of those conventions are base on Python PEP8.

A style guide is about consistency. Consistency with this style guide is important. Consistency within a project is more important. Consistency within one module or function is most important.

Code layout

Same as PEP8.


First imports in a file are the standard library module, then come the imports of eap module, and finally the custom module for a problem. Each block of imports should be separated by a new line.

import system

from deap import base

import mymodule

Whitespace in Expressions and Statements

Same as PEP8.


Same as PEP8

Documentation Strings

Same as PEP8

Naming Conventions

  • Module : use the lowercase convention.
  • Class : class names use the CapWords? convention.
  • Function / Procedure : use the mixedCase convention. First word should be an action verb.
  • Variable : use the lower_case_with_underscores convention.