Welcome to the DEAP speed project page, this project aims at benchmarking the execution time of every examples provided with DEAP for different versions of Python interpreters for DEAP stable and development branch.

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Computer specifications

The examples are executed every night on a machine graciously provided by the Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory at Université Laval. Here are its specifications :

The machine is configured with Ubuntu 12.04 and the interpreters are compiled with GCC 4.6.3.


The results are currently presented in their most Spartan denomination. We will eventually add plots of the execution times over time. For each branch, you can select the interpreter you are interested in. This will show you a table containing the name of the example file, the date of execution, the Mercurial changeset, the execution time, and the error flag. If the error flag is 0, the execution went well, if it is greater then 0, something went wrong.

Master branch

1.0.x branch